I struggle. I struggle with many things. But the one struggle that troubles me the most is my struggle to keep my relationship with God vibrant and exciting. I have had this struggle for 50 years. I’ll wager you do too.

I find myself looking down most of the time. Looking at my job, my family, my wants, my desires. As a result, I have lost the awe, the wonder, and the amazement of knowing the uncreated one, the creator of the universe. How do I get it back? How do I “find” God?

Maybe instead of looking down, I should look up.

As I was reading the other day, I ran across a well-known statement from Jesus in book of John.

But the time is coming – indeed, it’s here already! – when true worshippers will worship the father in spirit and in truth. Yes; that’s the kind of worshippers the father is looking for. (John 4:23, New Testament for Everyone)

Whenever I read these words before, I tended to focus on worshiping God “in spirit and in truth.” However, what struck me this time was the last part of Jesus’ words. That these are the kind of people that the father is seeking.

Stop! Reverse! What did he say?

God is seeking people. More specifically, God is seeking worshipers!

Maybe instead of working harder, doing more, or caring deeper, I just need to look up, to worship. Or, instead of reading the latest Christian book to gain deep theological understanding of God, maybe I should fall on my knees, look up and worship God. And just possibly, instead of following that seven-step plan to guarantee the blessings of God will pour into my life, I should stop thinking about me altogether, lift my hands to heaven and simply worship!

The father is looking for worshipers. Look up and he will find you!